Visual Storyteller
> The core values that guide my work:

I take time and care with people's stories.

I ensure that participants find value in contributing.

I prioritize local knowledge bearers and artists.

I look to collaborate with agencies, nonprofits, activists, and business owners in the neighborhood I'm working in.
> About
I'm a visual storyteller with a compassionate eye, telling human stories through photography, writing and design.

> Focus
I'm particularly interested in the social fabric of communities, recording small personal stories that touch upon bigger issues currently playing out in society.
My main areas of focus are social work, self-organizing communities and poverty.

> Approach
The way in which I approach storytelling is strongly influenced by my experience as a social worker and graphic designer.

> Projects
I work on self-initiated and collaborative projects.
Tarwewijk, August 2023
Rotterdam, September 2023
Merel / Wageningen, August 2023
Maassilo / Rotterdam, September 2023
The Betuwe / Herwijnen, September 2023
'Telling human stories through
Waalhaven / Rotterdam, September 2023
Hidden Jewish cemetary / Rotterdam, September 2023
Marco Faasen
> Photography
I shoot reportage and documentary style photography. I strive to keep my pictures as natural as possible, creating space for the essence of my subject matter to shine through.
Working with small, unobtrusive cameras, I am both an observant from the outside and a partaker on the inside, always looking for engaging and intimate moments to capture.

> Writing
As a writer I use reportage, interview and participatory storytelling techniques to explore and communicate the topics I'm working on.

> Design
I take special care in the way I present the projects I'm working on, designing newspapers, magazines, books, blogposts, digital photo essays and exhibitions.
photography, writing and design'
Tapping into the fabric of society

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